one Kalamazoo is the campaign to educate voters about the need to vote YES this
November and support the Kalamazoo Non-Discrimination Ordinance. A grassroots organization, one Kalamazoo believes that all people—including gay and transgender
people—should be treated fairly and equally when they live, work, or visit Kalamazoo.

Upcoming Events

Date Title
08/03/2009 One Kalamazoo Kick-Off
09/10/2009 - 09/10/2009 Campaign Office Warming Party
10/02/2009 Milk: Viewing
10/03/2009 Decoration Party Potluck!
10/05/2009 Voter Registration Deadline
10/13/2009 TV AD Premeir and Volunteer Appreciation
10/16/2009 ONE Kalamazoo Cabaret
10/22/2009 Clergy Canvass
10/25/2009 ONE Kalamazoo Fest
10/25/2009 One Kalamazoo Equality March

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